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Today is being termed ‘Meltdown Monday’. The danger-capitalists are still barking about less gov’t regulation in the system, but when it comes to bail-out’s they expect the American people to open their wallets.

As a daily Telegraph reader puts it:

“The bank robbers are running the banks”

The HuffPo:

“Let the eagle sooooooaaarrrrr……”

“MORE OF”….coincidence?

McCain and Palin don’t say the word Republican, will not mention Bush, and yet they run on a campaign for reform?  The Republicans have been in control for 12 of the last 14 years, yet they are not willing to criticize Bush or their own party!!! 

How can you run on reform if you won’t even discuss what the problems are or who created them?  What’s the answer?  VOTE DEMOCRAT!


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