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Obama is taking a page out of the Rove playbook and is going after the perceived strength of McSame/Pain being “mavericks”. I think that as they see this more aggressive approach gains traction with the electorate the Obama campaign will step up and put up more of a fight. Democrats are tired of being pushed around by the GOP on issues. Obama’s lack of aggression about McCain was annoying. I was a Hillary voter. The Obama camp has not gone after McSame/Pain with the same aggression that they went after her. I am no PUMA -I don’t believe it’s size is a relevant voting cross section- but I do want them to get their fangs out a bit more and bake McSame whilst his protegee is schooled in Being-A-Veep-101.

Just a reminder, Obama does not have the hard line Christian vote -he never did- but he can get the independents who are worried that four more years of the same party and people is going to destroy the country, but he has to go out and fight the McCain camp for it.



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