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Apparently Sarah Palin isn’t feeling the love from the women (some men turned out too) of Alaska.  Over 1400 people showed up this morning for “the biggest political rally ever, in the history of the state.”  There was an array of people clutching signs that read  “McCain/Palin Unstable/Unable”, “freedom of Choice, Freedom of Religion”, “Voted for her once NEVER AGAIN”, “Flip Flop Sarah”, “Pro-Women Anti-Palin”, even a young boy holding a sign that read “You don’t speak for me” one has to wonder if that was in reference to her pandering to special needs?  Hop on over to the mudflats to read more and view the pictures.

More websites with Video/Pics from the rally, will update as I recieve more:

WASILLA, Alaska — In 2000, Alaska lawmakers learned that rural police agencies had been billing rape victims or their insurance companies $500 to $1,200 for the costs of the forensic medical examinations used to gather evidence. They quickly passed a law prohibiting the practice.
According to the sponsor, Democrat Eric Croft, the law was aimed in part at Wasilla, where now-Gov. Sarah Palin was mayor. When it was signed, Wasilla’s police chief expressed displeasure.

“In the past, we’ve charged the cost of exams to the victims’ insurance company when possible,” then-chief Charlie Fannon told the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, the local newspaper. “I just don’t want to see any more burden put on the taxpayer.”

Now that Palin is the Republican nominee for vice president, Democrats such as former Alaska governor Tony Knowles — who signed the rape-kit bill into law and was defeated by Palin in 2006 — are raising the issue to question Palin’s commitment to women’s issues and crime victims. Palin appointed Fannon after firing his predecessor shortly after she took office in 1996.

I think that Obama make his point clearly and concisely.

From the Energy Information Administration Crude Oil Imports (Top 15 Countries)
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country Jun-08 May-08 YTD 2008 Jun-07 YTD 2007


There are too many to name, but in the last day or so, most media outlets have started to smell the bullshit around McCain’s campaign.  The notion of “change” from McCain is being clouded by an attack system that is just too reminiscent of the last eight years under Bush. 

The bloom is falling off the rose with Palin as well.  Salman Rushdie noted, on Real Time with Bill Maher, that Charlie Gibson interviewed Palin longer than McCain did.  Palin cited her knowledge of oil as being a defense credential.  Two things: 1) If Congress said yes to domestic drilling, then what does she bring?  her statement that the US gets 20% of it’s energy from Alaska is wrong.  We only get 2.4% of our energy from AK.  2) What kind of reforms can she bring to Washington considering it is her party that have ruined the joint in the first place?  

The underwhelming performance of Palin in her interview brings the question back to McCain’s judgement.  The attacks, the negativity, the distortions, are all starting to resonate with the public and I think that the end game will be a resounding sigh of disapproval from the public.  McCain has not outlined ONE policy that he would implement as President.  He talked about reaching across the aisles to Democrats, but the nature of his attacks almost makes that impossible.   McCain’s attacks aren’t putting cash in the wallets of struggling American families and whilst Americans may dally with the thought of taking McCain to the prom, they’ll wise up and realize that if you really want to get things done it is going to have to be with Obama.

What has this presidential election come too?  It seems we’re basing who we vote for on whether they’re a Hockey Mom, wear lipstick or the latest one WalMart Moms for Palin.  Seriously? Is this how we want to elect the next President and Vice President?  Based solely on these credentials and not the issues.  Okay then, here’s  my new slogan (can’t believe I’m reduced to this, okay maybe I can).


Class not trash in the White House.

Please take time to read the issues and make an informed decision, don’t base it on whose a hockey mom or Lipstick comments.


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