Small businesses by now are used to having their health-care costs rise much faster than large corporations. And new survey results suggest 2009 will be no different. In fact, things are so tough that an increasing number of small firms are expected to dump their health benefits altogether.

Preliminary results of the annual health-insurance survey by Mercer, a benefits consultant, show that health-insurance costs for all employers will rise about 5.7% in 2009 – the lowest annual rise in the past decade. But small employers – those with 10 to 499 employees – expect their health costs jump 10% next year.

Hey, but who cares about 10% increases in your health care premiums, just so long as you elect somebody who has a gimmick as a running mate and thinks that earning under $5 million per year is “middle class”.  In essence, you can take whatever nominal tax increase you got and flush it down the toilet because it will be offset with uncontrollable, rising, health care costs.  If you think McCain will do anything about these projections then forget it.  After all, he’s the one that termed Clinton’s universal health care plan “Lipstick on a pig”.