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Do the republicans really think I’m not smart enough to notice their plagiaristic campaign tactics?  From their talk about “Change” to their discussions about Sarah Palin being an Ethics reformer in an attempt to denigrate Obama’s Ethics reform. 

In my opinion, if you read Obama’s and McCain’s platforms, there is only one geared to real change.  I can’t believe that people, let alone women, are falling for this VP pick?  I don’t get it.  Do you people want change?  Or is putting a woman in the white house more important than the welfare of our country.  

If the Republican Party can’t even admit that they’ve been in power for the last eight years (putting blame on the liberals) how can we believe them when they talk about change? 

John McCain has said he would stay in Iraq for as long as it takes “50, 100, or even 10,000 years” and that there will be more wars. Shouldn’t we be strengthening America here at home by supplying jobs, wages, healthcare, education, etc… Can America really afford to stay in Iraq or the possibility of another war? 

From the kids at the Daily Kos:

McCain Bounce Continues

Sat Sep 06, 2008 at 02:20:42 PM PDT

Rasmussen:  There was a +5 swing for Obama last week and a +2 for McCain this week if one compares day-to-day-to-day. The maximum Obama Rasmussen bounce wasn’t seen until four days later (this Tuesday).

Numbers are Sat (Fri) (Thurs) (Wed). Compare last week, the Saturday after the Dem convention.

Rep Convention
Obama   49 (48) (50) (50)
McCain  46 (46) (45) (45)

Dem Convention
Obama   49 (49) (47) (46)
McCain  45 (45) (47) (47)

Gallup: By last Saturday, Obama was holding up +7 from the 45-44 the Tues prior. This week, McCain is so far +4 from the Wed prior. The maximum Gallup for Obama was 5 days later (this Wed).

Rep Convention
Obama   47 (48) (49) (49)
McCain  45 (44) (42) (43)

Dem Convention
Obama  49 (49) (48) (45)
McCain 41 (41) (42) (44)

All polling now includes at least two days of both the Sarah Palin speech and one day of the John McCain snoozer. Although relatively meaningless, at this point Obama is doing three bounce points better than McCain (and so far that’s the story of this election.) In that sense, virtually no polls have shown Sarah Palin to be a game changer in how people plan to vote, consistent with traditional VP picks. They can hurt, but don’t tend to help. In Palin’s case, this seems to be a reaction sparking an equal reaction.

Brokaw: But the fact is, Governor, that you had eight years of a Bush administration, and a lot of Republicans in Congress for the past eight years. So why wouldn’t the American people say, ‘look, they had their shot, we’re gonna change?’”

Paging Dr. Freud!

Ridge: Because John Bush…because John McCain is very much his own man. Because John McCain brings a different style, a different approach to the Republican leadership.


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