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A funny from the boys and girls over at The Daily Kos

Today’s Candidate Schedule

Sat Sep 27, 2008 at 06:08:36 AM PDT

Barack Obama & Joe Biden

Greensboro, North Carolina
Washington Street in front of J. Douglas Galyon Depot
12:15 pm (EDT)

Fredricksburg, Virginia
Ball Circle
University of Mary Washington
5:15 PM (EDT)

Michelle Obama & Jill Biden

Tallahassee, Florida
Florida A & M University
Quad Area
11:00 am (EDT)

John McCain

Columbus, Ohio
Aladdin Shrine Temple
5:30 pm (EDT)

Sarah Palin

Memorizing past statements by Henry Kissinger


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McCain cultural adviser, Sir Pudding McNutter, reacting to the news of the Wall St. bailout.

Cindy Cougar Mellencamp

There is a massive void on that woman’s upper gums and we need to know why the hell it is there!!!

Honestly, Barack has gone too far this time.