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Love us or hate us we want to live chat with you on Election Night

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Thought this was quite funny, hat tip to Maddow on MSNBC.

I find it hard to believe Sarah Palin doesn’t believe in dinosaurs considering her running mate is living proof.

McCain wasn’t as shaky as I thought he would be, but he didn’t outline a vision.  Cutting spending and reducing taxes isn’t a vision, it’s a gimmick.  His stop all spending, with the exception of defense, veterans, and entitlement programs, seemed impulsive and rash.  He clearly doesn’t understand the focus of concern in the war on terror.  He seems to perceive, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran as distractions to the war on Iraq when it is actually the other way round.  McCain held his own, but he was supposed to crush Obama because of his knowledge of international affairs.  Obama conceded too many points and should have gone after the surge issue, by stating that McCain was in Iraq saying how peaceful and wonderful things were six months before the surge started.  If this was the case, why the surge?  I could nit-pick all night.

There is red meat in McCains performance for his base, but Obama resonated more with the electorate as somebody with a vision for the future.

McCain cultural adviser, Sir Pudding McNutter, reacting to the news of the Wall St. bailout.

Found this on Momocrats:

We have had eight years of political vendettas in the Bush administration against people that are not willing to go along with deranged and dishonest political flow.  Just ask Valerie Plame.  Obama won’t cooperate with McCain’s “town hall agenda” so, as he told The View, that is McCain’s reasoning for sliming Barack with pseudo-paedophile overtures?

McCain can’t compete on the issues.  McCain is not getting a free pass on his lies and he is pissed.  The curtain is back and we can see that this square jawed, albino, leprechaun (I’m fond of that word today) is willing to stop at nothing to trash somebody because they won’t go along with his nutcake forum idea.

 Lynn Forester de Rothschild was a strong supporter of Clinton's White House bid.

Pretentious, moi?

Honestly, Her Royal Highness here may have supported Hillary, and is now throwing her weight behind McCain because she “doesn’t like…” Barack, but this pretentiousness and her vacuous political instincts are more representative of the conservative elite.  Does this picture look like a woman concerned for the middle classes of America?  So she doesn’t like Barack personally, so what, she hasn’t even looked at his policies to decide if he is viable politically.  We really don’t need these collagen injected, gas-bags to carry our water.  She has dallied with the proletariat via Hillary and now it is time for her to go back to the toffee crowd,start drinking he tea with her pinky out, and let the grown ups decide who is best to run the country.


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