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McCain asked the Russians for campaign contributions…

Posted on: October 21, 2008

This is rich considering that McCain’s $60k a month, Fannie Mae lobbyist, campaign manager, Rick Davis, just called Obama’s contributors “troubling”.   Oh, but we can’t use this as it was a “mistake”, right….


UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – John McCain‘s presidential election campaign has solicited a financial contribution from an unlikely source — Russia’s U.N. envoy — but a McCain spokesman said on Monday it was a mistake.

In the letter, McCain urged Russia‘s U.N. Ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, to contribute anywhere from $35 (20 pounds) to $5,000 (2,912 pounds) to help ensure McCain’s victory over Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama, currently ahead in voter preference polls.

“If I have the honour of continuing to serve you, I make you this promise: We will always put America — her strength, her ideals, her future — before every other consideration,” McCain assured Churkin


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