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McCain compares Obama to European socialists

Posted on: October 19, 2008

According to TPM.

However, my response is that I would prefer America’s vision, for American workers, resembles Europe rather than South America.

2 Responses to "McCain compares Obama to European socialists"


Bill had Rep. Sanders (I-VT) on Friday night… He says he is a Democratic Socialist. Claims he follows the Scandinavian countries’ policies…

RESULT — Audience cheers wildly…

FACT: Would Bill Mayer want to open up his property to people who want to camp on it in tents????


That is what happens in Norway… BY LAW YOUR LAND CAN BE USED BY ANYBODY….

Want to set up a tent on your neighbors land in the country — you can!!!

Twelve percent of the land in the county is set aside as nature conservation areas, but backpacking and camping isn’t limited to park lands. Hikers roaming Nordland’s countryside take advantage of Norway’s lack of “trespassing” laws – one may walk or camp on any land which is not cultivated.



Does Norway have universal healthcare, good labor laws, mandated vacations for workers, etc. Yes, it does. You failed to grasp the content of the post which is that we are becoming a nation that is starting to resemble South America a opposed to Europe.

If you had to take a stand and settle for one continents values, do you really think that your disdain at the right-of-way law in Norway, and the UK, is a good enough reason to allow the middle class to slide into a unprosperous dystopian nation?

Farmers in the UK whine about the loose trespassing laws, and I suspect that you are of the same ilk, but as you know, campers can’t take up residency on uncultivated land, they can’t camp outside your house, and the tourism income that stays inside the UK and Norway because of the-right-of-way ar outweighs the misanthropic gripes of a few petty land barons.

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