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Biden vs. Palin: Who Won?

Posted on: October 3, 2008


Palin vindicated herself with her base who are happy that she can string two words together, but she was outmatched.  The measure of a good debate for her is what facts and figures can Palin supporters walk away with, and use as intellectual ammunition, to debate the merits of a Mccain/Palin presidency with their detractors.  Palitn offered none.  She came off as condescending and evasive.  Her abilities were impressive in reading cue cards and memorizing attack lines, but Biden took it to her and wiped the floor with her.  

More questions are going to arise out of the “facts” that Palin gave than Biden did.  That may not be fair, but she has crowned herself as “fresh” and “new” and susequently she will receive the most scrutiny.

Biden was knowledgeable and erudite.  He was gracious and he didn’t gaffe.  There were no campaign commercials from him.  He increasedhis standing as a solid vice-presidential candidate and helped Obamaimmensely.  I feel armed with information that affirms my support of Obama thanks to Joe.  McCain doesn’t have to defend Palin for now, but he can’t put her out in the media on anything, but a campaign stump as she can’t interview worth a darn.  That, in itself, hurts as he can’t utilize any momentum for anything else, but getting votes that he already has. Initial polling says that Biden won.  This will move a little bit, but not enough to make Palin the winner.

If you are at home and rooting for McCain then you are happy.  If you are in the air you probably want the smart guy. 

Biden spanked Palin and I think the conventional wisdom will bear out that this debate wasn’t even close.  October 7this the next presidential debate and the very cool team of Obama/Biden will seal the deal as calm, dignity, contemplation and composure are very appealing and shows utter leadership.

Biden: 9/10

Palin: 6/10


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