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Palin Abondons Americans Living Right Next To Russia!

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Watching this CNN video makes Palin’s false assertion of visiting the one vantage point that a person can see Russia less important than the reality that Palin seems to have largely abandoned these people. I guess it puts into perspective the bullshit that was the Cold War, and is Putin’s alleged global menace towards us, when Reagan, and now Palin, couldn’t give a toss about these people despite their front-line proximity to Russia.

I would have been quite impressed if palin had visited Little Diomede, but she hasn’t, and she won’t. Instead she will take credit for the endurance that the people of this island go through on a daily basis. No doubt they could sniff through her “Joe-six-Pack” nonsense. The rugged lifestyle that the people of Little Diomede live on a daily basis, makes Palin’s airplane-wolf-shooting, dog sledding, moose hunting, look like luxury.

Palin, rather than shore up her foreign relations experience, merely confirms that she is disinterested in the plight of poor Americans no matter how dangerous or precarious their living conditions are.

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