The Political Pendulum

What McCain does when you don’t go along with his agenda…

Posted on: September 17, 2008

We have had eight years of political vendettas in the Bush administration against people that are not willing to go along with deranged and dishonest political flow.  Just ask Valerie Plame.  Obama won’t cooperate with McCain’s “town hall agenda” so, as he told The View, that is McCain’s reasoning for sliming Barack with pseudo-paedophile overtures?

McCain can’t compete on the issues.  McCain is not getting a free pass on his lies and he is pissed.  The curtain is back and we can see that this square jawed, albino, leprechaun (I’m fond of that word today) is willing to stop at nothing to trash somebody because they won’t go along with his nutcake forum idea.


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