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The honeymoon might be over for Mac and Cheese:

Posted on: September 17, 2008

Watching Obama’s speech today, where he took apart McCain like a surgeon removing an odious, bile filled, tumor, I noticed a tenor from the commentators that favored the Dem’s.  The fact is is that the media outlets are in business of make money from advertisers.   News is a byproduct to generate revenue streams from marketing.  In such a decrepit financial market businesses are pulling their purse strings shut and that usually means the advertising dollars are the first to go.  media outlets are publicly traded and they are coming to terms with the fact that McCain and Pain will equate to further financial ruin of the country.  Putting money in the pockets of the middle class, in the form of tax breaks, gives us buying power to buy consumable products.  When we don’t have jobs and are broke because we can’t even draw upon our home equity anymore, it;s time for change.  The corporate owned media is serving it’s own interests, but the penny has finally dropped that McCain and Sassy Sally will destroy this economy if they get in.

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