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It’s official: Nader is a nut!

Posted on: September 17, 2008

I don’t just say that glibly based on the content of this ad, but at the man’s undying hubris. If Nader really wanted to make a stab at change then he would have ran for Congress or Senate and let his voice be heard constantly and try to rreform DC from the inside and then runf for the job of Big Kahuna.

Instead, we here of this demented twit once every four years; he takes money from Republicans to get his name on the ballot; and we have to listen to his self-righteous indignations to us all about how terrible we are for only having two parties. He can change it, but not sprouting up every leap year like senile leprechaun letting us know how inferior our voting patterns are.

Still, this is thedouchebag that said Gore would beas bad as Bush, Yeah, right…go back to your peyote, Ralph and call us in another four when you matter even less.


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