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Baroness Lynn Forester de Rothschild is supporting McCain because he’s “elitist”…

Posted on: September 17, 2008

 Lynn Forester de Rothschild was a strong supporter of Clinton's White House bid.

Pretentious, moi?

Honestly, Her Royal Highness here may have supported Hillary, and is now throwing her weight behind McCain because she “doesn’t like…” Barack, but this pretentiousness and her vacuous political instincts are more representative of the conservative elite.  Does this picture look like a woman concerned for the middle classes of America?  So she doesn’t like Barack personally, so what, she hasn’t even looked at his policies to decide if he is viable politically.  We really don’t need these collagen injected, gas-bags to carry our water.  She has dallied with the proletariat via Hillary and now it is time for her to go back to the toffee crowd,start drinking he tea with her pinky out, and let the grown ups decide who is best to run the country.

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