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McCain Finally Getting Called OUt By The MSM For Lies:

Posted on: September 13, 2008

There are too many to name, but in the last day or so, most media outlets have started to smell the bullshit around McCain’s campaign.  The notion of “change” from McCain is being clouded by an attack system that is just too reminiscent of the last eight years under Bush. 

The bloom is falling off the rose with Palin as well.  Salman Rushdie noted, on Real Time with Bill Maher, that Charlie Gibson interviewed Palin longer than McCain did.  Palin cited her knowledge of oil as being a defense credential.  Two things: 1) If Congress said yes to domestic drilling, then what does she bring?  her statement that the US gets 20% of it’s energy from Alaska is wrong.  We only get 2.4% of our energy from AK.  2) What kind of reforms can she bring to Washington considering it is her party that have ruined the joint in the first place?  

The underwhelming performance of Palin in her interview brings the question back to McCain’s judgement.  The attacks, the negativity, the distortions, are all starting to resonate with the public and I think that the end game will be a resounding sigh of disapproval from the public.  McCain has not outlined ONE policy that he would implement as President.  He talked about reaching across the aisles to Democrats, but the nature of his attacks almost makes that impossible.   McCain’s attacks aren’t putting cash in the wallets of struggling American families and whilst Americans may dally with the thought of taking McCain to the prom, they’ll wise up and realize that if you really want to get things done it is going to have to be with Obama.


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