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If only Barack had taken Hillary with him….

Posted on: September 10, 2008

The Guardian:

White women voters are deserting the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama because of the sudden emergence on the Republican ticket of Sarah Palin, according to a poll yesterday.

An ABC/Washington Post survey recorded that an eight-point lead Obama held over his Republican rival John McCain before the arrival of Palin had turned into a 12% lead for McCain.

The trend is in line with other polls since McCain’s vice-presidential running mate ignited the Republican convention with a speech last week espousing social conservative values and presenting herself as a small-town mother taking on the cosmopolitan media.

McCain has taken a 3% lead in a tracking poll by the RealClearPolitics website.

Look, I don’t want to be an I-told-you-so, but Obama the campaign should have been able to predict a move like this.  It is way too early to panic about the polls, but Obama needs to unleash the 527’s and let them start picking the fleas off of the McCain/Pain dog.  Obama needs to go after McCain’s voting record of intolerance and blow it out of proportion like the McSame camp are doing.  We’re not throwing punches, we are dodging them. McSame’s well documented intemperance should also be on the table.  Obama has let go of the class aspect with McSame/Pain’s 14 houses between them.   Biden has been ineffective and seems to be keeping his head too low.  Biden is a good man, but I was skeptical of the Obama/Biden ticket and hurt that Hillary was not included.  It looks like dumb American women are willing to give up the potential of peace and prosperity because they like the term “hockey mom” or buy the “Thanks, but. no thanks” lies.  If Hillary had been out there with Obama, Bill Clinton would have been able to absorb and deflect a lot of controversy.  Now, after the way Obama campaigned against Hillary, it might be a bit too much to ask her to to take a few bullets for Obama.

On another note the polling data that is being floated out there is very skewed.  CNN?Gallup have confirmed that they are oversampling Republicans to make up for the rise in Democrat voter registration.  We are also starting to see some stabilization in the McCain bounce polling numbers.


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