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Keith Olbermann apologizes for RNC exploitation of 9-11.

Posted on: September 5, 2008

From Crooks & Liars:

“No doubt, showing a 9/11 video at a political convention was emotional exploitation. But it was also something much worse: it was blatant historical revisionism. It was a cynical attempt to claim attacks on Americans–1979 and 2001–were carried out by the same ‘enemy.’

What Olbermann should have apologized for was MSNBC accidental transformation of their network into a mechanism of the most cynical kind of Orwellian propaganda.

John McCain did not make the link between 9/11 and Iran in his RNC speech, but we can be certain that the video ‘tribute’ is a sign of what is to come on the campaign trail between now and November.

The media’s responsibility from this point forward is clear: either they can sit back and let McCain’s historical revisionism stand or they can move quickly to debunk it.

Either way, it seems apparent that major broadcast outlets need to take a more proactive role in pre-screening for blatant historical inaccuracies any video a political party plans to show during a national broadcast–or at least preparing to immediately debunk politically motivated inaccuracies”

I forgot…who was President September 11th, 2001?  That’s right!  A republican was.


1 Response to "Keith Olbermann apologizes for RNC exploitation of 9-11."

“i forget who was president…” this is a big part of why the gop simply won’t let this issue lie. this thing occurred on THEIR watch and they have to keep exploiting it to stop the facts from being examined. and while the miscreants over at fox are guilty of truly obnoxious, anti-democrat propagandizing, olbermann and msnbc are continually taken to task for non-issues like this. it’s not as though msnbc, in it’s effort to rebrand itself as a liberal alternative to fox, isn’t already fairly mild compared to faux news. that’s not enough. they have to be attacked and beaten into the standard submissive position that conservatives think all liberals should occupy, all the time. has anybody even attempted to count all the lies and distortions broadcast at fox during the democratic convention?

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